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Laundry Tips: Never Remove Care Labels

Griffins Cleaners wants their customers to be well-informed about how to care for their clothing and get the most use out of a garment, comforter, draperies, or any home fabric item. We live in such a complicated world. It becomes a genuine challenge to follow the manufacturer’s method of cleaning sometimes, but maybe we can make it simpler for you.

Care Label Chart for Safe Cleaning Methods:

Universal Care labels are supplied by the manufacturer and are sewn on all garments for a reason. The Federal Trade Commission requires that manufacturers supply at least one safe method of care. Then the garment manufacturer, following stringent rules and Federal guidelines, is required to make the care label easy to find and to make it legible for the life of your item. Warnings on the care label will alert you whether a garment cannot be dry-cleaned or cannot be washed. You’ll find that all articles have care labels except: suede and leather garments, hats, gloves, socks, footwear, reversible garments, draperies, linens, and upholstered furniture. If you must cut the labels off, save them with a description of the article.

The manufacturer of your garment is legally required to supply only one safe method of cleaning. You might ask: does washable also mean dry cleanable? Even if there are other safe ways to clean the garment, the manufacturer does not have to warn if any of those methods could damage the garment. That’s why it pays to be informed about the proper care of your garments and to understand the care label.

Griffins Cleaners wants you to get the most from your clothing, your bed linens and any other fabrics in your home. When in doubt about how to safely clean any article in your home, consult the care label. Then, if you still have doubts, call Griffins Cleaners and we’ll be glad to assist you. Remember: Griffin's Cleaners has Free Pickup and Delivery of your dry cleaning items from your home or office. Call today for more information: (863) 385–6557.

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